In a decade when rock experienced limited commercial success, Dynasty Xero exploded onto the stage with their high-energy brand of Rock 'n' Roll.

Their sound is built from the dueling guitar riffs

of Michael Schisla and James Lamansky, Keith

Montenegro's punk-inspired basslines, Tim

Rankin's thundering drums, and Faith Sahagian's

searing vocals.

They were raised on their parents' record

collections and MTV videos that had re-surfaced

through YouTube and MySpace.  But they were

also quick to embrace the music of the 21st

Century, and they found new sonic territory to

assimilate into their rock sound.

Dynasty Xero formed when lead guitarist met

bassist Keith Montenegro at Franciscan

University of Steubenville in 2018.  Shortly into

their friendship, Michael offered to teach Keith

several advanced guitar exercises that translated

well to bass.  Their first lesson quickly turned

into a jam, and within a week the two were determined to start a band.  They filled out their lineup with Tim Rankin on drums, James Lamansky as a second guitarist, all while writing songs and playing shows.  They became a staple of Franciscan University's music scene often being booked to perform at school events.

In November 2019, Dynasty Xero released their first single, "Falling" to Spotify and other platforms.  Shortly after, founding member Michael Schisla stepped away from the microphone to make way for Faith Sahagian, the band's lead singer.